Honoring the legacy of St. Louis' first brewing dynasty


ADAM LEMP (1798-1862)

Came to St. Louis from Germany in 1838. First brewer west of Philadelphia to make lager beer, a German-style brew that was very popular among St. Louis’ fast-growing German population. Passed the enterprise to his son, William J. Lemp.


WILLIAM J. LEMP (1836-1904)

Expanded the brewing facilities, and built the brewery into a powerful dynasty–the 8th largest in America at its peak. One of the first brewers in the U.S. to implement a national distribution network. Was the first of three to take his life in the family mansion.



Wife of William J. Lemp. Her parents, Elizabeth and Jacob Feickert, built the Lemp Mansion in 1868. Largely shunned the limelight afforded by her family's social position, preferring a quiet life at home with family. Died of cancer in the Lemp Mansion in 1906.


ANNIE LEMP KONTA (1865-1939)

Noted scholar, and author of The History of French Literature in 1914. Had a son, Geoffrey, with first husband Henry Meyer, whom she divorced. Later married East Coast banker Alexander Konta, and lived the rest of her days in New York City.


WILLIAM J. LEMP JR. (1867-1922)

Became president of the Lemp brewery upon the death of his father. Married to Lillian Handlan, the infamous “Lavender Lady,” until their sensational 1909 divorce. Depression over business matters led him to take his own life in the Lemp Mansion in 1922. 



Was well-connected, socially prominent daughter of wealthy St. Louis businessman Alexander Handlan. Married William J. Lemp Jr. in 1899, and gave birth to William III in 1900. Earned the nickname "Lavender Lady" for her obsession with that color.


LOUIS LEMP (1870-1931)

An officer in the Lemp brewery until selling his interest to his brothers. Noted sportsman and horse breeder, became active in politics after his retirement from the brewery. Kept a residence in Paris and an apartment in New York City, where he died. 


CHARLES LEMP (1871-1949)

Reclusive brewer turned businessman and investor. He never married, and quietly lived out his final years within the Lemp Mansion, where he became the last of three suicides committed in the house. He was the only Lemp known to have left a suicide note.


FREDERICK LEMP (1873-1901)

Popular, gifted brewer and businessman, was being groomed to assume eventual leadership of the William J. Lemp Brewing Company, until his sudden death from heart disease at age 28. His death was a major factor leading to the suicide of his father.


HILDA LEMP PABST (1875-1951)

Married Colonel Gustav Pabst in 1897, in an elaborate ceremony on the Isle of Wight in the English Channel. Their union joined two great brewing dynasties. Relocated to Milwaukee, where she and Gustav reared three children.


EDWIN LEMP (1880-1970)

Retired from the Lemp brewery at age 33. Widely respected for his knowledge of animals, and helped establish the Saint Louis Zoo. Kept a large collection of wildlife on his Kirkwood estate, called Cragwold, where he enjoyed entertaining St. Louis' elite. 


ELSA LEMP WRIGHT (1883-1922)

Married and divorced from Thomas Wright. Remarried to him in 1920, and died at 13 Hortense Place in St. Louis two weeks later. Her death occurred under suspicious circumstances, but was ruled a suicide by the St. Louis coroner's office.